Seamlessly connecting car owners with advertisers

What is AdCar about

AdCar is a service that allows car owners earn money by renting on car surface and earn up to 400€ a month. Companies on the other hand receive a valuable space which can help them connect with thousands of users on daily basis using one of most impactful ways of outdoor advertising.

We believe that everyone should be financially independent, and mutual benefit is the key to achieve it. At AdCar we connect car owners with advertisers in order to generate long lasting value.

Make your car work for you

Earn 300€ a month like never before
Making the car earn its own petrol and cover maintenance costs is easier than you think. At AdCar we give car owners the power to decide how much you will be able to earn. The range could be from 150 to 400€ a month. None of our proposed campaign are mandatory and the final decision to participate is always up to the owner. We encourage every type of vehicle to register.
Earn money

How AdCar works

Follow three easy steps to start your first successful campaign with us
Join & download the app
Registering and downloading the app will enable you to apply and participate in our newest campaigns
Wrap your car
Select the campaign from wide range of possibilities that meet your particular needs and wrap the car
Earn money
Drive your daily routes and track how much you earn in the application, when the campaign is over we will unwrap your car

Your benefits

Earn money
Driving your usual routes was never so profitable. Earn extra money just completing your daily tasks without any effort.
100% free and safe for your car
AdCar takes care of the entire wrapping process, you just have to bring your vehicle to one of our workshops. We guarantee that it is safe for your car.
You choose the campaign
You are able to choose between any campaign that adapts best to your interests and time frame.
Meet our car owners

Form part of AdCar family

Start earning extra money without extra effort

New way of engaging with customers

What do we offer companies

Connect with your customers in a more efficient way

OOH marketing was always hard to track. AdCar allows companies to track every single vehicle participating in your campaign and receive comprehensive metrics. An average advertisement car generates around 8.000 impressions daily.

You will be able to determine the location where your ad is to be seen, the type of car that you want it on and many more. To access our network of over 1000 vehicles just contact us telling what you are looking for and we take care of the rest.

Marketing to grow

Working with AdCar will bring you

New customers
Connect with thousand users on daily basis. OOH on cars is proven to be one of most impactful ways according to most recent studies
Track your ads
Track the performance of your ads via an easily understandable dashboard. We can adapt it to the information you want to know
Our design experts will help you create a perfect campaign for on car advertising
Prime locations
Be seen in prime locations of you target audience without the need of spending huge sums on billboards
Increase your retargeting potential by analysing where your ads have already been seen and who was exposed to them
Leapfrog your competition
Jump your competitors by performing a more efficient marketing which will have higher returns on the investment
Companies that trust us
About us
AdCar was born in Barcelona with the vision of better future, we are here to create and share value within the society. We want to allow vehicle owners more financial freedom because, let's face it, having an extra 400€ in your pocket is never a bad idea.

Our founding team is composed of multiple professionals with previous experience in top consulting firms, design and marketing agencies all of whom are connected with passion towards our final goal. We are more than willing to answer any remaining doubts, just drop us a email or contact us via phone.

Contact us
We put our partners first, so if you have any remaining questions we are happy to answer them
Barcelona, C/Bruc, 73
Phone: +34 698221746

We are located in the city center. 15 min walk from Pl. Catalunya
The closest metro station is "Girona"
What cars are able to register?
We encourage everyone to form part of our family, as our advertisement campaigns could require from brand new cars to all time classics. However, the majority of our campaigns are for cars that have less than 5 years.
How will I be able to choose a campaign that suits me?
We will either contact you via phone or email. In the majority of cases you will be able to see all the current campaigns on our app and apply there.
Can I unwrap the car in the middle of the campaign?
This is only possible paying an early termination fee.
Should I have the app on while I drive?
Yes, this is imperative to calculate the amount of money you will receive at the end.
Where will my car be wrapped?
It will happen at a repair shop. Professional mechanics will take care of the procedure free of cost.
How long is the duration of a marketing campaign?
It will depend on the advertesiment campaign, but in general from 1 to 3 month.
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